Born in Urbino, Italy, February 16th 1979, Valentino Rossi was riding bikes from an early age thanks to the encouragement of his father. Soon enough, Rossi showed a talent for two-wheels, eventually becoming the regional champion in 1992. His career in MotoGP consists of 9 Grand Prix World Championships. Rossi and his team’s consistent performance brought Yamaha its seventh Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) MotoGP Team Title in the year 2016. Valentino Rossi is the only rider to win Premier Class Titles with five different types of motorcycles (500cc 4-cylinder two-stroke, 990cc 5-cylinder four-stroke, Yamaha 990cc 4-cylinder four-stroke, Yamaha 800cc 4-cylinder four-stroke and a Yamaha 1000cc 4-cylinder four-stroke). With 55 wins out of 189 races, Rossi remains as the most successful Yamaha racer of all time since he joined himself with the Japanese factory.

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