Who is Enegori-kun?


Story of Enegori-kun and ENEOS

Enegori-kun was born and raised in the forest. One fine sunny day, as Enegori-kun was admiring the chirping songs of little birds in his forest home, he received a request for help from ENEOS.

Enegori-kun, always positive, forward-looking and kind, was excited to learn that he can have an active role in ENEOS mission for a sustainable future and protect his home.

Eager to start, Enegori-kun beats on his chest cheerfully, exclaiming his favourite phrase, Uho! Uho! This is the story of how Enegori-kun came all the way to Japan and became a proud employee and ambassador of ENEOS.

Valentino Rossi VR|46 meets Enegori-kun!

Quick facts about Enegori-kun

  • A gorilla with a cheerful, positive and kind personality.
  • Energy + Gorilla = Enegori
  • He is our official mascot of ENEOS brand.
  • Came to Japan as a new ENEOS recruit.
  • Conscious about the global environment.
  • Grew up in the forest.
  • Loves children. 
  • Age: A young gorilla
  • Height: 180 cm tall
  • Favourite food: Banana!
  • Favourite phrase: Uho! Uho!
Enegori-kun in ENEOS Service Station uniform!


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