Engine Type Gasoline and Diesel Engine
Vehicle Type Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles
QUALITY Fully-Synthetic
Performance Level DEXRON III G ; MERCON
VISCOSITY Not Applicable
Packaging 1L ; 4L ; 209L

ENEOS ATF MULTI is a fully-synthetic premium Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) developed for vehicles with modern automatic transmission. The friction lowering quality of the fluid allows cold starts and easy gear shifting, resulting in the smooth operation of the gear box and it has excellent resistance against wear and oxidation.

  • Excellent resistance against oxidation and wear
    ENEOS ATF Multi has a high-viscosity index and offers excellent resistance against corrosion and foaming. This fluid shows excellent resistance against wear, corrosion, foaming and oxidation.
  • Easy gear shifting after cold start
    ENEOS ATF Multi allows easy gear shifting after cold start and offers overall smoother operation.
  • Fulfils toughest demands
    The DEXRON III G specification differs from DEXRON III F by adding two extra tests such as ‘Electronically Controlled Convertor Clutch (ECCC) Test and a ‘Sprag Wear Test’. The friction characteristic of ENEOS ATF Multi complies with a very broad range of modern demands.
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