ENEOS CI-4 20W-50
Engine Type Diesel Engine
Vehicle Type Large and Small Diesel Engine Trucks, Buses and Construction Machinery
Performance Level API CI-4/SL ; JASO DH-1-05
Packaging 20L ; 209L

ENEOS CI-4 20W-50 is a light-duty diesel engine oil designed for low-emissions in response to increasingly stricter exhaust restrictions. The high-viscosity index based engine oils and optimised additives increases engine components life by reducing sludge and providing protection from deterioration and deposits.

  • Deposit-control and reduction of sludge
    Maintains excellent engine cleanliness by suppressing sludge formation, which can cause engine seizures and pump clogging.
  • Wear-protection
    Optimised additives with significant improved thermal stability, oxidative stability and soot dispersion to prolong engine life.
  • Cleaner engine and longer component life
    Optimised additives which are having significant improved thermal stability, oxidative stability, soot dispersion, outstanding anti-wear and detergent-dispersant performance. Provides longer engine oil drain intervals and prolonged engine life as a result.
  • Suitable for mixed fleet of naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engine
    Provides longer engine oil drain intervals, cost saving and higher power output for diesel engines.
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