ENEOS GL-5 75W-90
APPLICATION Manual Transmission Fluid
Engine Type Gasoline and Diesel Engine
Vehicle Type Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles
Performance Level API GL-5
Packaging 1L

ENEOS GL-5 75W-90 is an universal, premium transmission/gear oil which is applicable in both manual gearboxes and in final drives where GL-5 quality gear oil is required. It contains special additives which reduce fuel consumption and eliminates shifting problems. The gear oil not only provides excellent resistance against corrosion and oxidation, it also delivers remarkable extreme-pressure performance.

  • Superior extreme-pressure performance
    This oil shows excellent Extreme-Pressure (EP) characteristic providing an adequate protection even under high shock loads and vibrations.
  • Reducing maintenance cost
    Protected against high temperature thermal oxidation, this oil has longer life and extended drain interval recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Excellent resistance against wear, corrosive, foaming and oxidation
    This oil shows an excellent resistance against wear, corrosion and foaming as well as oxidation and ageing at elevated temperatures.
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