ENEOS Grand CI-4 15W-40
Engine Type Diesel Engine
Vehicle Type Large and Small Diesel Engine Trucks, Buses and Construction Machinery
Performance Level API CI-4/SL ; JASO DH-1-05
Packaging 1L ; 5L ; 20L ; 209L

ENEOS Grand CI-4 15W-40 is a light-duty diesel engine oil which meets the requirements set for modern engines. The special blend of the engine oil offers low evaporation rates, outstanding anti-wear and dispersant performance. It prolongs the engine life and is environmentally-friendly.

  • Low evaporation loss reducing engine oil usage
    Blended with high-viscosity index based engine oil, which results in low evaporation loss and requires less oil top-up.
  • Environmentally-friendly
    Reduce the amount of Soluble Organic Fraction (SOF) in the exhaust, resulting in less hazardous particulate matter and cleaner air.
  • Longer oil and engine life
    ENEOS Grand CI-4 15W-40 uses optimised additives which have significantly improved thermal stability, oxidative stability, soot dispersion, outstanding anti-wear and detergent-dispersant performance, resulting in longer oil and engine life.
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